The events this week in the NC Legislature

Pride Winston-Salem

 This week, NC republicans in the Legislature overrode 
Governor Cooper’s vetos of 2 anti-LGBTQ+ bills that were passed earlier this year. 
Pride Winston-Salem stands with other LGBTQ+ organizations in denouncing this action in the strongest terms. 

North Carolina is about to become the 22nd state in the US to pass laws limiting and in most cases denying transgender healthcare , including hormone therapy. The second bill is directed at transgender people participating on sports teams that are not their biological match.

Undoubtedly, the passage of these laws will wind their way through the court system and the discriminatory tone of the bills will be exposed.

 Pride Winston-Salem will continue to monitor and work with other LGBTQ+ groups to bring attention to the progress as well as support the LGBTQ+ community in any way we can. 

Pride Winston-Salem’s transgender program- 

TransExpansive Network 

will be holding educational sessions to provide updates,
listen to public feedback and provide life skills to our transgender community.

We can make change! 

Elections matter! Get out the VOTE!

Pride Winston-Salem will provide updates as 
they are available- or on our facebook page. 
For additional information, you can reach out

Election Day 2020

Today’s the day go vote if you haven’t already!

If you live in:

NC: Look up your place to vote by going here.

SC: Look up your place to vote by going here.

Report Highlights Unique LGBTQ Landscape and Advocacy in the U.S. South


July 19, 2020

Adam Polaski | 610.306.7956 |

Report Highlights Unique LGBTQ Landscape and Advocacy in the U.S. South 

1 in 3 LGBTQ people live in the South, facing distinct challenges  

but also utilizing innovative strategies for advocacy, progress, and change 

Today the Movement Advancement Project and Campaign for Southern Equality released Telling a New Southern Story: LGBTQ Resilience, Resistance, and Leadership, a new report examining the experiences and advocacy strategies of LGBTQ people in the U.S. South. The report was released in partnership with the Equality Federation. 

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