Buncombe County, NC Passes Domestic Partner Benefits

From: Campaign for Southern Equality

LGBT employees of Buncombe County, North Carolina will now be offered domestic partner benefits! These benefits include health insurance, life insurance, use of leave time, and all entitlements under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Buncombe County becomes the 4th county in N.C. to offer domestic partner benefits to LGBT couples, joining Durham, Mecklenburg and Orange counties.

This measure passed because of the leadership of County Commissioners who are committed to equality for all and because of strong community support. CSE was honored to work with the Buncombe County Commissioners in this process.

Through our Hometown Organizing project, we’ll continue to support folks pushing the ball forward on the local level across the South – by passing inclusive local policies, telling the stories of LGBT life in the South, and inspiring conversations about equality from the kitchen table to the public square.

Local progress in the South is one more piece in the puzzle as we strive to achieve full equality under the law. Next week, our nation’s highest court will hear two landmark cases – the “DOMA” and “Prop 8” cases – that are important pieces of this same puzzle. We hope you’ll attend a “Light the Way to Justice vigil” in your hometown as these cases are heard. Vigils are happening all across the country (check out this map) or you can plan one in your town.